Goodbye DR
Wednesday 23 June 2010 - New York, United States

We got the opportunity to have our last breakfast at the resort with "John" the British guy, we had a very happy and humoristic conversation. Today he had planned to watch the soccer game and get drunk, if Britain won or if they lost (I guess that is British logic?) Today it was raining cats and

Saona Island

I woke up and went to the Italian breakfast buffet I was not even hungry, but we had to be prepared for our "Saona Island" excursion at 09:45. The logistics here seems to be a little crazy we had to take a speedboat to Bayahibe (again) where we got on a large catamaran. Together with a lot of other


Just another breakfast buffet then we tried the art of archery it was quite fun, after that we played a little bit tennis, it was great fun to revive childhood activities, but also extremely exhaustive in the heat of mid day. What's next on the "bucket list?" Sailing lessons with a catamaran, it

Food for Africa?

Another insanely large breakfast buffet, but it felt a little bit stressful, it was almost as noisy as a school canteen. I guess I should have brought my earplugs with me, they would have been much more useful here than during the night in our silent room. A lot of people were loading up as crazy

Rooster Booster

Cant anyone kill that fucking roaster? this "ecological alarm clock" kept us awake from 04:00 to 08:00 before he went quiet, did he get to sleep then? Finally, I could sleep a little before I woke up to another promising day. I studied the mass tourism going out with the speed boats. Then I


Up for a new breakfast it was actually quite good. Then we got the great idea to walk along the beach towards the big resorts at "Playa Dominicus". It didn't look far at all in or guidebook it just seemed to be a straight line, that should have made me suspicious. In reality it was not straight,

Travel Day
Thursday 17 June 2010 - La Romana, Dominican Republic

I woke up, still with a sore body, but I also felt it was time to leave this place. The staff arranged a truck to take us to the bus station in Jarobocao. Once there I proudly ordered a bus ticket in Spanish "Hola, dos billete, Santo Domingo, Gracias" the lady who sold the tickets were just

Wednesday 16 June 2010 - Jarabacoa, La Vega Province, Dominican Republic

Fuck I can walk! It even felt hard to walk 50 meters to the restaurant. I felt a very strong urge to try to write down the latest episodes from the trek to Pico Duarte. It felt so nice to have a slow morning zipping coffee, writing and watching the daily busload of rafting groups. I knew that I

Pico Duarte

Then I woke up at 01:00 I think, not many hours of sleep, but I felt supercharged maybe I had connected to the mountain? Too bad it wasn't time to go yet and unfortunately I couldn't sleep any more so I had to listen to the others guys snoring/:( The funny thing was that everyone was claiming that


Up at 06.00, breakfast and then jump on the truck. It was a fast and bumpy ride through the beautiful country side with Yake river on the right side. Once at the starting point the mule drivers started to load the mules and we started to walk in a quick pace. We followed our primary guide which I


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