Adventure 5: The downhill skiing experience

Wednesday 13 January 2010 - Monday 18 January 2010

How to stay frosty when you meet your demons/;)

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Monday 18 January 2010 - Helsingborg, Skåne County, Sweden

I felt that I had improved my downhill skiing a lot during this trip and the last times it felt like "Blue" was comfortable & fun and "Red" was scary & fun. It was also great that I got the opportunity to experience the sudden change of the weather climate at the top of Åreskutan so that I can be

Going for the top?
Sunday 17 January 2010 - Åre SV, Jamtland County, Sweden

We got up early to eat breakfast and clean out the apartment so that we could leave the keys before 9:30. I didn't really like to check out that early... After this the others wanted to go for some shopping and I wanted to go to the top and hopefully get a nice suntan. It was warm in Åre city only

How to stay frosty
Saturday 16 January 2010 - Åre SV, Jamtland County, Sweden

I had a slow morning with time for relaxation and restoration before I went out on a walk to explore Åre and the lake, this morning it was 20 degrees minus it felt very good to walk around a little bit although it felt a little bit cool in the face and I also took some pictures of “The White

Into the mist
Friday 15 January 2010 - Åre SV, Jamtland County, Sweden

I woke up rested and felt fine in the body although a little bit lazy. We had a nice breakfast and then I learned that it was going to get really warm today only 15 degrees minus compared to yesterday/;) So I thought I should try a little bit less clothes today. But first we took a walk to "Camp

On the track
Thursday 14 January 2010 - Åre SV, Jamtland County, Sweden

It felt a little bit strange to start a travel adventure in the evening and with a night train with sleeping berths. The plan was to sleep us through the night and to arrive totally rested and relaxed in Åre 08:08. It is good to have some kind of plan, it was a very small and nice coupe with both

Adventure 5: The downhill skiing experience

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