Our trip to Australia

Monday 5 March 2018 Sydney, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Dear diary,
we have been in Australia for two weeks and the first week we mostly been in airlie beach. We sunbathed and swimmed at the beach all week. The next we have been in more adventures as example at the Great Barrier Reef. We visited the Great Barrier Reef on a Monday. At the Great Barrier Reef did we snorkel, and saw a lot of exotic fishes. Before we could snorkel, we had to listen to a guide that told us the safety rules for snorkeling. On Tuesday we rest because we felt so tired from the snorkeling. On Wednesday we decided go to  the famous opera house and watched a broadway show. On Thursday we visit the most famous zoo in Sydney taronga zoo and we saw animals we never seen before as koalas and kangaroos. The kangaroos started to fight with the guards so the zoo had to close for the day so we went back to the hotel instead. On Friday did Australia play a basketball game against America in Sydney so we had to see that game but the bad thing is that Australia lost. The last two days of the trip we just wanted to rest in the hotel before we go back home.

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