Our days in LA

Monday 5 March 2018 Los Angeles, California, United States

Dear diary
I sent a letter about my day on monday and tuesday so you can read it on their. We`re writing this while we waiting on the plane home. On wednesday we went to the Walk of fame we never been their before and it was so exciting! the first day it was difficult to sleep cause it was hot and we couldn`t turn on the airconditioner. We just ate a big breakfast buffé with typical american breakfast and we drove our car to Hollywood museum to be more cultural, we saw wax figures of celebrities, famous subjects. Then we ate lunch at an Italien restaurant we both ate pasta carbonara, we later went to the shopping mall to spend all our money and to see a glimps of celebrities we later went home to the hotel took a hot shower and went to bed. On tuesday we overslept so we missed the breakfast. So we took the car to universal studios and ate a brunch there. We where day the whole day and it was a lot to see and took an ice cream time. The clock wasn`t our friend today cause we got to Hurry back to hotel to fix us for our booked table on GG`s waterfront bar and grill wich is said to be Hollywoods best resturaunt, we ate and drink and  took a late taxi home. Today in the morning we got to wake up early to check out of the hotel we had a lucky day so every thing went smooth and now we still waiting on our plane home. Thank you for this vacation it was amazing! 

Regards Moa and Thiena

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