Vancouver, Canada

Monday 12 March 2018 Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

We have now been in the beautiful city of Vancouver for a week. We have been experiencing the wildlife and nature outside of Vancouver for a whole week. There is a lot of snow so we have been hiking by foot and also with snowmobiles. We have seen so many cool things. The lanscape is just astonishing, all the mountains and lakes and animals, just wooow. We even met some of the Canadian Indians who live out in the nature in their tents. But now we´re tired of eating canned food and sleeping in cold tents. The coming week we will be experiencing the city of Vancouver by sightseeing, shopping and also attending an NHL ice-hockey game. We are such big fans of the Sedin brothers. We will be staying at a classy hotel in the middle of Vancouver so we really can experience the citylife. We haven´t planned anything more than the ice-hockey game but we´re sure that we will find things to do in this amazing city of Vancouver.

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