Monday 5 March 2018 Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa

Dear Diary, Alireza and I (Moa) have been in Johannesburg for about a week now. We started our trip in South Africa when we went hiking in the nature of Johannesburg. We went hiking for two days in a row, and the total distance we walked was about two Swedish Miles. It was very hot, about 30 degrees Celcius, and the sun was gazing. After our hike , we checked in at the reef Hotel which is a very nice place to stay. The reef Hotel is very big and it looks fresh, with a lot of light colors. The staff is very polite and they treat their customers amazing. The day after that we went to visit a vineyard, which was a very cool experience. Johannesburg got a lot of famous vineyards, so it was nice to see one in real life. The next day we went to a safari which I like a lot. We went to the ”Lion Park Johannesburg”, and we saw a lot of wild animals in their natural habitat. Except from lions, we saw antilopes, zebras, giraffes, rhinos, and a couple of elephants. So it was a very cool experience seeing these animals in real life in their natural habitat. That’s what we’ve been doing so far on our Johannesburg trip, and now we’ll describe our plans for the next week. We didn’t want to stay at the same place for the whole stay, so we decided to check out from the Reef Hotel, and check in at the Protea Hotel. We want to eat at least once at the Pigalle Restaurant - Melrose Arch. And also, we want to go to the beach to sunbathe and go for a swim. We think we want to go to the beach for about two days, and then visit the Apartheid Museum. In our opinion, the Apartheid museum seems interesting, because is has a lot of historical things to see. Later on, we want to visst the Cradle Of Humankind. That is a big cave but it’s not located underground, and it’s a historical place as well. Lastly, we want to see the ”Melville koppies Nature reserve”, which we’re very excited about. 

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