Wednesday 8 February 2012 San José, San Pedro, Costa Rica

One thing I didn't really realize until I came home, was that we were never bothered with salespeople, that is quite rare when you travel abroad. The Costa Ricans seemed to be very friendly and relaxed people. It was my ability to speak and understand Spanish that limited my interaction with the locals.
In some way it felt more adventurous and challenging in the beginning of our journey since then we had to stretch ourselves and speak more in Spanish and English. On the camp we got spoiled with mainly other Swedish people that were mainly focused on the surfing experience or so it seemed to be.

Another surprise was that although there were many stray dogs running around on the beach they all seemed to be very balanced. I can't even remember hearing anyone of them bark. Maybe they all watched the TV show the Dog Whisperer?

One funny thing was that I found a great Danish book "Flygt eller Kaemp af Ulrik Vedel og Michael Holbek Jensen", the book was about the authors experience of extremely cold climates

What will I miss? Probably our sweet little dog "Lefty" that was following us almost everywhere and the ranch's amazing banana cake. The wonderful early morning surf sessions. The warm sea.
What will I not miss? Having to be social 24/7. The dusty road along Santa Teresa.

Costa Rica has no military since 1948.

Sony, Cybershot, DSC-HX9V, DSC-TX10 (Waterproof)

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This was another adventure.

Ragnar Asker
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