Friday 7 October 2011 Mandrem, Goa, India

Ciao Ciao..

So the journey down to Delhi was a non sleeper.
The driver rammed a Tuk Tuk and almost crash the bus 4 times! I been in buses before when they drive crazy but this time i thought if it happens it happens today..
I came down after 9 hours to the airport. There i had to wait 4 hours outside for Angelica to come. In those 4 times Pierre got super hungry and there was no food for me and for the next 3 hours!
And suddenly i was sick for 16 hours quiet bad with fever and some other stuff. Maby because of no sleep in 36 hours to=)
Anyway we came down to a super quiet GOA. Every resort was quiet closet so we had to walk around. Finally we found a beach house right down the beach. People were painting it and said we open first in 3-4 weeks. I start talking with him for a bit and after 20 minutes they finish the painting put cur tens up and left the brand new room for us=) we paid him 800 rupee a night instead of 2500 and they open the restaurant and bar for us to=) So 12 euro a night right down the beach=) So the last 2 weeks has been fun and nice. Every day the beach, had a motorbike for the hole time so been driving around a fantastic place. Everything is so green and all the threes are so beautiful, lakes and temples and so. I am very impress about Goa so far. Lo season as i wrote so not many people around which is perfect! Been to many different beaches, but still haven’t found a better beach then Yngsjö down south of Sweden. Even the sea is better back home, but warmer here. Been to a couples of markets to. They sell so much stuff. Spices is very cheap, clots, food, flowers you name it!
I bought some silver rings here and some stuff for the new place i will get one day=)
Did you know..
? In India many people act/behave and are gay. (They like to touch you a lot!)
? If there is a cow and you on the road they ram you first.
? People drive very slowly here.
? The music the bars play is the same shit everywhere.
? It’s much greener then i thought.
The food in India is good. Been having fish a lot and every kind of their own food i guess. Every day for the last 12 days has been fun fun fun. Cards playing, frezzbie, football, surfing , nice beers, nice company, brilliant roads around the jungle, fantastic massages, Spurs just win win win! So right now i check out from this nice place for another one that cost me 2 euro for a night=) I think i will stay there for 1 night. I found a place where many younger people stays. It’s already fully book but 1 room left. Is between palm trees at the beach. It’s a super nice room, couch outside, a bridge over to the restaurant and surf boards to loan. 7 euro a night including a motorbike and wireless at your room. Everyone ells i ask pays 12. Haha.

Now its time for yoga and then some surfing. Talk to you again when i am on my way home. Awe

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