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Tuesday 9 August 2011 Faroe Islands

This day I felt that it was really time to rest my body, since we had been out all days trekking around doing very physical activities, it even started before we came here, with bodybuilding and kite surfing the day before. So the focus this morning was to take it easy, having a long breakfast and then clean out the apartment and leave the keys at green gate's office. So after that we took a small city walk exploring the area close to the harbor and a local beach. Then it was time to pump our leaking tire again. Then we drove to Miovagur were my travel mate wanted to explore the museum.

Earlier we had decided to try the airport buffet for 99 DK, I really hoped that I could try some traditional Faroese food there. But it was really nothing special about this buffet, except that we were the only eating guests here, except the staff of at least nine persons that started to eat the buffet after us? We only met one local Faroese man that was drinking a little bit, he told us flat out that he was separating from his wife after 42 years of marriage, this man was heartbroken. What can you really tell a man in his position? I told him that this was another kind of storm that he had to ride out, he was a sailor working with Norwegian supply ships for the oilrigs. It seemed that he really appreciated our company and wanted us to stay longer, maybe we were the only ones he felt that he could speak with?
The security at the airport was very relaxed I unintentionally smuggled half a liter of water in my travel pack without any problem. Once out of the security point I was entering the tax free shop, no options here, you have to shop/:) I just bought a sample packet of Faroese "Bjor" and some firewater "Eldvatn" for fun.

I realize that my main goal to climb Slaettartindur was just a good reason to travel. What I really appreciate is being able to see all different lifestyles, meeting people with different perspectives on life. The more I travel I also realize that we have so much in common, even though we may speak different languages. I also like to explore different landscapes and learning to become freer as a person.

We didn't really plan for it but it is a great opportunity to fly with a helicopter on Faroe island, for example the flight from Vagar to Mykines costs only 145 DK per person and the view is probably spectacular if the weather isn't too bad, but then they may probably cancel the flight.

Here on the Faroese island they have a very smart system of ecological speed control. They have spread out a lot of sheep on the island and close to the roadside, which makes most driver to drive a little more carefully (it's a great system working on the uncertainty principle).

Once home I realized that we seemed to have missed the real top of the mountain (not strange since the visibility was extremely bad), it was a real downer, but it was our own fault that we didn't study the maps more thoroughly or brought a GPS with us.

I am not sure I can say so much about the Faroese society more than it seems to be quite unaffected of outside influences, it's almost commercial free may be its still gets it stability from religion and tradition?

Once home I felt ready to read "The Water Wizard: The extraordinary properties of natural water" by Viktor Schauberger and I realized that there are many things that we don't understand about water.
"Schauberger saw water as an organism - the blood of the Earth - which carries information as well as nourishment to all life. He believed that the degeneration of our society stems from our mistreatment of water. He described three forms of life energies: those that determine quality, those of dynamism and those that encourage fruitfulness."
Maybe it's possible to view water more as a process, as always changing between low and high "vitality" as a kind of "water-breathing" that sustains our planet and all living beings?

The weather is maritime and quite unpredictable. It can change quickly and it varies extremely, from moments of brilliant sunshine to misty hill fog, to showers - there can be sunshine on one side of the mountain range, while it's raining on the other side.
The average temperature ranges from 3 C in the wintertime to 11 C during the summer, the temperature can be much higher, but the air is always fresh and clean no matter the season.

Sony, Cybershot, DSC-HX9V, DSC-TX10 (Waterproof)

Package (flight, apartment, rental) 6390, Food 765, Gas 333, Tunnels 162, Tax free 434, Train 155, Boat 156
Total cost 8395 SEK

If you want to see the video version look here:

This was another adventure.

Ragnar Asker
Last active at - from Varberg, Halland County, Sweden

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