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Sunday 7 August 2011 Faroe Islands

Finally, the first day I could see small fragments of blue sky and get some glimpses of the sun. First stop on the road for today was the village called Gasadalur it was an amazingly beautiful valley almost a Nordic Shangri-La like valley or at least as I imagine it to be. We got some company from the local ”guide” a friendly dog. We also found a very beautiful waterfall nearby which we explored for a few minutes since we had a boat to catch at Sörvagur.
Once on the boat we realized that there were only two more passengers, a friendly Danish couple going to Mykines. I asked the skipper if it was going to be rough sea, he told my flat out that it would be rough. Not the comforting answer I wanted to hear. But to my surprise it was a very immersive experience. I decided to travel on the roof of the boat to enjoy the sight, the wind and the fresh saltwater spraying over the boat and me, it made me feel very alive and I forgot all my fears of getting any sea sickness. After getting off the boat we started to explore this remote place, trying to find our way out to the most western part of the island were the puffins were supposed to be. At times the trail looked quite scary it was narrow and steep plus we experienced random wind gusts of extreme power. One thought crossed my mind after a short food break (maybe this is my last supper?) The trail in front of me looked really dangerous! But it wasn't that bad, after a while we all seemed to get used to the conditions of this island, while walking up and down to the lighthouse. Unfortunately I am not sure I saw any puffin and I wasn't able to photograph any either, but for some reason my travel mate claimed that he saw them all the time???
It was quite a physical trek so it was nice to rest and get warm at the islands hostel (bar, cafe?). The tradition here was to eat waffles, so we thought why not follow this tradition, it would be great with some coffee and waffles now. But the surprising answer we got was that there were no waffles left. What the f**k, why couldn't they make a new waffle mix? That was a real downer, but what the heck we still had coffee and chocolate bars.
The boat trip back was even rougher, the boat had to try several times just to dock the boat in the harbor, it almost seemed impossible due to strong wind and strong currents.
But this time I was really prepared for another ”immersive” experience/:)

We ended the day with a little road trip to the village called Vestmanna it was nothing special, but on the way there we passed two strange looking houses so we decided to check them out, to our surprise they were open, so we could enter them, we then realized that they were summerhouses that you could rent. They were so cozy and the interior design was marvelous I can't even imagine the feeling, eating breakfast there while watching out on the fjord, we closed the house and left and as soon as we jumped in the car another car showed up. Maybe they lived there? I am not so sure if they would appreciate our sneak peek? It was time to leave for Torshavn.

The funny thing was that after this day I felt even more inspired to visit even harsher climate zones meaning colder places on the earth.
The funny thing is that I have never recharged my camera battery on so many strange places a gas station, a boat and a hostel, but no one seemed to mind or think it was strange. But later when I was home at our base camp aka apartment. I saw that one of the boat crew had taken a picture of the skipper with my camera. It was really fun to see that, I guess the Faroese people also have a great sense of humor?

Ragnar Asker
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