Friday 5 August 2011 Tórshavn, Streymoy, Faroe Islands

I began to long for a more exotic adventure, but I didn't feel attracted to the usual places or last minute travels to warm places. But then I got new information about the Nordic countries that they are actually eight, if you consider independent ”countries” as Åland, Faroe islands and Greenland. So then I thought why not continue our Nordic mountain climbing list. Then I realized that I hardly knew anything about the Faroe island and I have never heard about anyone going there, at least not anyone I know. So my interest started to grow and it felt like an exotic place to go.
Three days later I was working on booking tickets to Faroe island. But then I soon started to realize that these kind of travel arrangements are normally booked several months in advance. So I had to struggle a little bit before I managed to get a good deal.

I was really looking forward to a little cooler climate. We took our flight from Kastrup (Denmark) to Vagar (Faroe island). It was a short two hours flight just interrupted by a simple sandwich and a chocolate muffin (I hope that wasn't the standard for Faroese food?). Once on the ground it was time to get our car rental and find our apartment, not much thought was given to these details in advance. But it was simple to get our rental it was a nice black Kia "Magentis". So now we were ready to explore the Faroe islands aka The Fairytale islands.
The welcome weather was rain, and fog. I had to stop the car many times just to explore scenic spots on our drive to Torshavn. It took a while before we found our apartment it was a nice and spacious apartment with flea market inspired interior design. We had a flat screen TV that showed two different channels SVF and God channel (but who cares, we were not here to watch television). We had everything we needed for making our own food. So we just needed to buy some food, we very soon realized that food was very expensive probably because almost everything is imported. The only local food that I could see was dried fish and Faroese turquoise wool (it's actually Candy cotton). But we all just wanted to get some simple food and get to bed.

The thing with very spontaneous trips is that you have to improvise a lot in the moment. So we had a late night brainstorming session about all the things we wanted to do and all the places we wanted to visit. We soon realized that the cloudy weather would affect almost every scenic aspirations we had. I sure hope that our vacation here won't be cloudy and foggy all the time (I also realized that there were no clouds in the scenic pictures in the tourist brochures). I don't care about rain or cold, but I appreciate some clear sky. By the way, it was still raining when I went to bed.

Ragnar Asker
Last active at - from Varberg, Halland County, Sweden

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