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Saturday 28 May 2011 Copenhagen, Capital Region of Denmark, Denmark

A few days ago I got an invitation from the travel agency about visiting Costas cruise ship "Luminosa". Since I like to explore different kinds of travelling, I thought why not try this out. So we signed up for this adventure.

We met "Mariann" at "Knutpunkten" in Helsingborg at 07:45 and then we took the ferry to Helsingör together with a group of other interested people.
On the ferry I had the opportunity to watch a bunch of (Japanese?)tourist going crazy while trying to digitally capture the view of "Kronborgs" castle.
I guess I show the same behavior when I am in exotic places, but for them I think this was the exotic place.

Then we took the train to "Hellerup". On the train we spoke with an Indian (expat?) that told us it was hard to live in Denmark. I guess he felt a little bit alienated and missed the easygoing social interaction that is common in his home country. He was quite an interesting character because of his viewpoints of life.

After some confusion on the platform we found the S-train going towards "Nordhavn" but for some reason we forgot to jump off the train and continued to "Österport".
No worries, we just took the next train back, the unexpected thing was, that one family had waited for us, how nice. So we got just in time to board the ship with our group.
We had to leave our passports before we could enter, but there were no other hassle except a very lax security check (x-ray machine and metal detector).
(No one expected that I had been a member of Al-Qaeda since 1988, This is a joke Echelon!)

Finally on board
We got a roundtrip of the ship and some promotion for their cruise options. They showed us many different places (elevators, restaurants, theatres, cafes, casino, disco, cinema 4D, virtual reality games, jazz room, bars, shops, pools, Jacuzzis, gym, cabins etc) but for some reason we didn't have time to visit the "Samsara" spa that was too bad.

According to our guides the cruise ship was considered equal to a four star hotel.
This ships designer seemed to have put a lot of effort in the overall lamp design.
After wandering through endless corridors it was time to get out on top of the ship.
It was a really nice refreshing feeling to get some light, space and fresh air.

Then it was time to taste the food on board, we shared a table with a very nice family that were happy and made a lot of jokes, that made our five course meal even more joyful. Of course the wine did also help. The waiters seemed to be of Indian origin they were very nice and gently no signed of forced smiles or fake friendliness just natural.
I couldn't help myself I felt like a little child I wanted to try everything, red wine, white wine etc.
But I also knew that this orgy in food only was for today. I guess after one week I wouldn't try to order everything/;) After a beautiful desert we ended the day in a cafeteria with an espresso.
Then Mariann came by and gave us some promotional material, but she also emphasized how important it is to choose the right kind of cruise ship that is right for our needs.
The only thing with this day that I missed, was that I didn't catch the social atmosphere so much on the ship since the ship was a little bit in "limbo" almost all passengers had left and new ones hadn't entered the ship yet.

I stood up and for one moment, I think the boat rocked, was it my imagination or the wine?
I don't know/;)

When crossing the boarder on our way home. I was wondering if customs would stop us since we didn't follow the Swedish model of (boarder) shopping behavior. Since we didn't have any beer, wine or spirits with us/:)

Some of the other guests voiced that they felt a little bit claustrophobic in the ships interior environment. I think I can agree to that to some point, since the only place with real height was in the middle of the ship were they had three elevators, that room was spacious.
But if you sleep during the night and leave the ship in different harbors almost every day I don't think that I will suffer from that, since I can always walk up on deck for fresh air if I wish.
Of course I wouldn't like to live in a cabin without any window rather with a balcony.
I think travelling with a cruise ship can be a very fun and interesting experience. What appeals the most to me is that I have a home base and I can visit many different places in a very short time without a lot of luggage.

Sony, Cybershot, DSC-TX10 (Waterproof)

Boarding 235, Train+Ferry 150
Total cost 385 SEK

This was another adventure.

Ragnar Asker
Last active at - from Helsingborg, Skåne County, Sweden

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