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Thursday 26 May 2011 Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Last time I wrote in my diary I had a list of things to do before leaving Australia and I'm working on it. This are the results so far:

(X= Check)
- Buy a boomerang
- Canberra (Booked: 28 may)
- Royal National Park
- (Port Stephens)
- x Try vegemite
- x Coogee-Bondi walk
- Paddington
- x Imax movie theatre
- x Surry Hills
- x Walk on Sydney Harbour Bridge
- Queensland - Fraser, Whitsundays, Great Barrier Reef (Booked 20 jun-? jun)
- x See wild kangaroos

My conclusion is that its going good and that I hopefully can tick all of them before leaving Oz the 4th of july. No more than 5 weeks left now, crazy.


Last week was epic in Sydney. Mother nature went really nice and it felt like summer was back. Maybe not the Australian summer with around 40 degrees, but it was around 20-25 during the day. So i walked around with a tee and a short and enjoyed Sydney. I felt like a tourist here again and it was needed after all the hectic weeks with school work and planning (but yeah, also fun times).

One epic day was Sunday. I went to Bathurst, which is a small town around 2 hours from Sydney, after the Blue Mountains. There was a horse race, so I was there with Yvonne and Roger. It was awesome! I was in Royal Randwick in April, but this was totally different. The other race was all hype and people were really dressed up, which is cool, but this was nicer as it was out in the Australian countryside and felt more real. I could even look at the horses before the race, so cool. However, the day became even more epic as we passed around 40 wild kangaroos on our way back to Sydney. WILD KANGAROOS. I had been longing for this since I came to Australia, and there they were, 5 meters away from our car. My camera has been really bad lately, but I could take some pics. So now I can brag of seeing wild koalas, kangaroos and wallabies in Australia, which I think is not bad. I shall reveal that I was among those tourists that believed that you could spot kangaroos more or less everywhere here, but nope! haha. Those fellows hide a bit, but they are really common (and even a plague) in certain areas.

I booked my tickets to Queensland already and I am really happy about that. The Great Barrier Reef, which is close to Cairns, is dying and I dont wanna miss it for a thing. However, it is really expensive to get there. Then you just have to remind yourself that you are in a massive country called Australia and that Cairns is not less than 2700 kilometers away from Sydney. I will start there and then make my way down the east coast down to the Whitsundays (Google it!) and travel on a boat for 3 days. My boat is called Habibi, which is really funny! When I saw it I felt a connection to it, so I will be there in exactly 1 month. I will end up in Brisbane (= from Cairns around 1600 km) and then spend my last week here in Sydney with my wonderful friends before its time for all of us to travel to all different parts of the world. Will be a sad moment.

In the meanwhile, I struggle with my last essays. This term will officially be over when I do my only exam the 16th of June, and then I wont start uni till the 1st of September, this time in Nantes. I also felt this huge nostalgia feeling today while thinking of friends and family. I consider myself to be a person that adapts easily everywhere and I dont have any problems to be "away from home" because I actually dont have a home. Haha, that sounds so bad, but I'm a nomad. However, Lund is probably one of the places I have lived in where I really have felt good, and I miss it so much. Have met awesome people there, I love the student life, I can visit my parents as often as I want as they are only 2 hours away, my best friend Simone and my brother currently live there, I have a room in the best corridor. Miss that a lot. And today when I was sitting here with my articles about international aid assistance and NGO's, I just felt like writing to say I MISS YOU!

The bad thing about moving this much is that I cant see you all at the same time. Good thing I am so bad in forgetting wonderful people.

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