Saturday 14 May 2011 Varberg, Halland County, Sweden

Woke up at 05:55, got ready for our "cab" that were supposed to leave at 06:30. When we stood outside the camp waiting for our driver, I noticed a computer display screen change inside the camp building. So I went in to see if someone was awake, it was a Norwegian guy also waiting for our driver. But the ironic thing was that our driver didn't know this. So he would easily have missed our "cab" if I hadn't gone inside to check.

It was a pretty normal flight nothing special happened except that they changed my seat number just before boarding, strange! But for some reason the air stewardess helped me to change back to my original seat?
Then when we got off at Kastrup airport, we just jumped on the train to Sweden.
But for some reason it was extremely crowded I had to change seat at least five times because someone had reserved that seat, it was a little bit frustrating.
When I got off the train in Varberg I noticed that there were no more buses going for the day! What the f**k is this? then I had to walk home with all my luggage (Three bags). So I mustered my last strength, and put my headphones on with maximum volume. Then it started to rain, could it get any better? This is Sweden I thought, but I actually started to enjoy the rain. Finally home, after thirteen hours of travelling I only wanted to get a good night sleep. I was full of new impressions and my body just wanted to rest...

Living on a surf camp can be socially demanding if you feel that you need some time alone. At this particular surf camp with "LaPoint" I think that the teachers were not so synchronized in their teaching. Some more clarity in communication would have been great although everyone was very friendly.

I guess you can make a parable with surfing and life, If you just look straight down in front of you, it's very difficult to get anywhere. But if you like straight ahead to where you are going it's a lot easier to get there. It's almost like having a strong intention of where you are going, to have a clear purpose.

I like to call myself a professional surf beginner because I have my own wetsuit, but that is mostly my own internal joke.

It's difficult for me to point out what’s so special about Portugal, but I will at least try. It seems that the country is almost stress free, people seem to move in harmony with life, not to fast or to slow just natural. People don’t throw themselves over you just because you are a tourist. Most people seem to be very polite and friendly when you speak to them, even though some of them hardly speak any English at all?
Their culture seem to be very untouched by tourism and "western crap cultural values"? I really enjoyed the ambience here, both the people, climate and the architecture.

Sony, Cybershot, DSC-TX10 (Waterproof)

Surfcamp 5670, Flight (TAP), 2423, Travel 1093 , Food 1285, Photos 177
Total cost 10648 SEK

If you want to see the video version look here:

This was another adventure.

Ragnar Asker
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