"The hot stone"

Wednesday 11 May 2011 Ericeira, Portugal

We left for our surfing at 12:30 today, we went to "Matador" beach. This day we had to manage ourselves. It was both good and bad, good to try it all by ourselves, bad that I got almost exhausted because of all the paddling.
Then we went back to our camp for another yoga class with our very happy teacher "Rute". It was really hard work, but I think it was good to do, especially after the surf. Then I got a nice back massage so I almost fell asleep, very relaxing. But we had more stuff to do so we went out and walked to the village searching for an ATM. It was easy we just almost stumbled on it, the restaurant took a little bit longer time to find. But in a very narrow street we found our spot, our dog, our table, our wine (Terroso) our restaurant. That served both fish and meat, we tried both dishes. I ordered a "fillet of beef" on a hot stone, because it sounded so special. It was special indeed, because I had to fry it myself, directly on the stone it was a fulltime work, my date thought that I gave her too little attention (her swordfish was already fried). It was as always, incredible good service. I can hardly understand how they can be so nice without being intrusive in any way. I think that is very rare, there are very few countries where I have experienced this. When we finished our meal they came by with a delicious port wine. That was another great surprise, "Brigado" and good night.

Ragnar Asker
Last active at - from Varberg, Halland County, Sweden

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