Tuesday 10 May 2011 Ericeira, Portugal

Today at 12:00 we went to surf at the same place as yesterday (Matador) it was much less crowded today. I had prepared myself and brought my wetsuit shoes with me as an extra protection.
It went quite well, except that I tend to look at my board tip instead of looking straight to the beach where I am going (I guess "Pepe" would call it looking for fish). Since we were late today we choose to look for a restaurant on the way home, one of six were open. It seemed that they have the least customers today so many restaurants chose to close them and by that giving the staff a day off. So instead for a really simple place we ate at a fish restaurant close to the “furnas” and for some reason me and another guy chose to share a grilled fish I could hardly believe what I saw when they brought out the fish on a very big plate it looked so delicious with all the extras around and of course it also tasted delicious. I think they called the fish “Dorado” golden maverick?.
Then we went home again and I tried to take a short “siesta” until we went down to our regular beach just south of the camp and to my surprise it was almost empty except for hundreds of birds. We went to our favorite restaurant (because of the staff and the food). I was totally satisfied with a “kafé” (espresso) and a bakery with cinnamon on the top. But then to my amazement a kite border arrived, I didn’t knew that they kite boarded here at this beach. So it was very interesting to watch him prepare and then going out in the water. I tried to film him a little bit but the light was quite challenging so I hope some of it will be good. Then he went out of the water and tried to land his kite but it didn’t seem to go that well, so I asked him with sign language if he wanted my help to land the kite (he didn’t seem to understand English) it all went well. Then two other kite boarders arrived so we watched them a little bit before we started to walk home to the camp.

Ragnar Asker
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