Day 1

Wednesday 1 September 2010 Varberg, Halland County, Sweden

I just moved from my "hometown" since the last three years to my new location, a camping close to the sea. I had rented a two store "compact living" hut (20 square meters). So now I had stuff for 60 square meters in this small hut, it was cramped. Had I really made the right decision? Moving to a new town, becoming a student again, selling a lot of my stuff. Only time will tell...
My plan was to acclimatize to my new home and my new surrounding before it was time to start school. But then I got a call with a suggestion about a road trip to Norway. It felt very exciting so I asked when she had planned to do it? Tomorrow she told me! Are you crazy? I thought for myself. but maybe it was my last shot for a travel adventure in a while? So why not?
Seize the day, Carpe Diem, Live in the moment where thoughts that flew through my mind.

Day 1
What the hell am I supposed to bring? My trekking gear? Outdoor camping gear? Wetsuit? Kite and kite board? Warm clothes? Sunglasses? My VISA card of course!
We considered a lot of different travel options roads, ferries etc. But we stuck with the Strömstad-Sandefjord option. We drove to "Strömstad Camping" and rented a simple sleeping cottage.
The funny thing was that one of the first persons we spoke to was a Norwegian man. I asked him where he lived he told me Stavanger. What the fuck that's our destination! He even offered us a living place there. Then the next thing happened the girl at the camping reception gave us two free tickets to the ferry, unbelievable...
Is this flow or not?

Ragnar Asker
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