Day 2

Thursday 2 September 2010 Taugata 20, Stavanger, Rogaland, Norway

We woke up just in time for a quick breakfast, before it was time to take the ferry to Sandefjord. It was a pleasant trip, exploring the ship and relaxing on sundeck for 2,5 hours.
Then it was time to drive through Norway with the help of our GPS, for some reason the GPS choose route 42 (maybe it was set on the most scenic route?). It was an extremely curvy one lane road. We had to turn back and forth almost the entire time. It was a very different kind of driving and a bit tiresome, although the beautiful scenery made up for it. After a little more than 7 hours we arrived at "Sola Camping" where we choose to stay for 600 NOK a day (normal price 800 NOK) in a motel room from the seventies? We got discount since we intended to stay several days (two).
We made some food quickly so we could explore "Sola Strand" before sunset. It was ranked one of the top ten beaches in the world according to a magazine. It was in fact very beautiful a long curvy beach, with sand that was so fine that it reminded me of Sahara. In the background of the beach there are mountain ridges contributing to the scenery. The interesting thing was that I felt at home here instantly although I have never been here before. At least not in this lifetime...
Why did I forget to bring my camera this evening?

Ragnar Asker
Last active at - from Varberg, Halland County, Sweden

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