Monday 21 June 2010 Los Melones, La Altagracia Province, Dominican Republic

Just another breakfast buffet then we tried the art of archery it was quite fun, after that we played a little bit tennis, it was great fun to revive childhood activities, but also extremely exhaustive in the heat of mid day. What's next on the "bucket list?"
Sailing lessons with a catamaran, it was a new sailing experience a little bit different than normal sailing boats. Then we also booked the "Aquanaut" experience (where you can walk under water on the sea bottom and breathe through a special helmet that you wear). Too bad it was cancelled two hours later, because of strong water currents. Fuck, that was a real downer. What to do now? We chose to paddle (play) with the sea kayaks. Unfortunately my travel mate injured his foot when we got up from the water. It was bleeding without stopping. Then another tourist came by to see and I just said "it was a shark" and then I walked away thinking "maybe she didn't understand that I was joking?" The staff helped him to disinfect the wound and stop the bleeding.

Then it was time for a "snack" and continue to explore the drink list, "Almond Happy", "Strawberry Daiquiri", "Kamikaze" and "Pina Colada". It was so nice, taking it easy after a full day of different activities. Then a tropical rain started with strong wind gusts, so we just sat and watched the scenery until we moved 50 meters to another restaurant, this one was Mexican. I guess I have never been closer to real Mexican food than today. Too bad I was hardly hungry. The service here was really heartfelt and excellent.

Ragnar Asker
Last active at - from Varberg, Halland County, Sweden

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