Food for Africa?

Sunday 20 June 2010 Los Melones, La Altagracia Province, Dominican Republic

Another insanely large breakfast buffet, but it felt a little bit stressful, it was almost as noisy as a school canteen. I guess I should have brought my earplugs with me, they would have been much more useful here than during the night in our silent room. A lot of people were loading up as crazy on their plates, had I entered a food eating contest?

Today we booked a snorkel excursion, but the other guys didn't show up. So either we had to cancel or pay up for the "third" person (since the minimum number for the trip was three persons) that meant 60 dollars for us totally.
In my mind I created this slogan "Things can really happen in DR, but not normally in the way you think"

So we went by boat and stopped just outside of Bayahibe, what a joke, back at our starting point, I hope this is good/:(
We had brought a bag of bread with us, the locals seemed to like the bread as much as the fishes/;) The reef wasn't that inspiring, not much fish to see and a lot of dead coral. Of course the bread helped a little. But after a couple of minutes I found a lot of blue fish, it was fun to follow them. Since it was one of my travel mates first snorkeling experiences on a coral reef, he was very excited, like a kid. Too bad that I compare every snorkeling experience with my earlier snorkeling in the Maldives.

Side topic: one of the excursion guys told me that sometimes the tourists doesn't speak with "them" it surprised me. I told him that I was a guest in his country and that I wanted to understand how it works. But sometimes I intentionally avoid people because I think they want to make bizniz with me.

Later I got the information that our silver bracelets was considered VIP, that was not so good news I thought. That may explain why I have to speak to every sales person on this compound, they may believe I am rich. I just thought we made the cheapest booking possible?
Then we also got the news that only we had free drinks it wasn't included for the blue and red bracelets that most tourists were wearing.

Then it was time to eat again! I was already getting tired of all the food everywhere, maybe it was time to try explore the drink list instead, today's choice fell on "Blue Hawaii" it was actually quite good. Then we ended the day by watching an acrobatic Dominican show.

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