Time for takoff

Thursday 25 March 2010 Gothenburg, Västra Götaland County, Sweden

We woke up too early for breakfast so we took the time to explore the surrounding area with a brisk morning walk were we succeeded to get into a green garden area that had walls around it?

I just realized that almost everything in life resembles surfing, it's all about the perfect wave at the most perfect time, it's about life choices and a lot about synchronicities, going with the flow of life, your own flow, your own creative power, your will surfing the collective mind!

The Moroccan people seemed to be quite friendly quick and easygoing for the most part (maybe the mix of Arabic and French influence?) and it wasn’t stressful at all, even the traffic seemed to be Ok except for some kamikaze pilots?

DH is short for Dirham (the currency) or maybe it should be translated to Dates Home-grown or Dates is Healthy?

The climate varied from 22-34 degrees during our stay, I think it was the Sirocco (the warm wind from Sahara) that made it so nice, but the funny thing was that when I started to freeze I looked at the thermometer and it showed 24 degrees?

Of course I didn't become a pro surfer in just four days, but I got a taste of surfing and I think I can practice on my own now, at least if the waves are decent.

Finepix Z33WP

Package (Ticket+Hotel+Breakfast) 4185, Surfing 1590, Food+Tips 1433, Air shop 589, Taxi 460, Car 250, Park 250, Extra 222
Total cost 8979 SEK

This was another adventure.

Ragnar Asker
Last active at - from Varberg, Halland County, Sweden

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