The third day

Sunday 21 March 2010 Agadir, Souss-Massa-Draa, Morocco

Today we ordered egg and ham for breakfast to make it feel a little bit different. Then it was time for Omar to drive us to the Surf school again, it felt like we were small children going to the beach to play, but unfortunately half of Morocco’s people also wanted to spend their only day off (Sunday) at the beach. The funny thing was that I succeeded to catch the first wave this time also, maybe I didn’t think I just did it? Then I did a few nose dips which was not so funny, after that I was a little bit more hesitant in my surfing. We also tried to take a few shots in the water and do some video recording, but it wasn’t that easy to keep the water drops from the lens, I just hope some of them turned out good?

At my last attempt to surf some local kid started to swim just in front of me screaming for no reason and then asking me if I spoke English and then another guy showed up just in front of me, I thought what the f**k is wrong with people? Then I just realized that it was my surf teacher crawling out towards me for some further encouragements. It helped a bit but I wasn’t able to follow up on his “Iron man physique” for long, although I got a few rides before it was beach time. We spoke a little bit afterwards about taking a day off to restore our bodies and then go for it again at early morning time on Tuesday when the beach is supposed to be quiet and empty except for a few camel drivers.

Once home at the hotel I just realized that our beds seemed to be made differently every day it seems like many things can change very quickly in Morocco?
Later we tried a restaurant close to our hotel with an ambient atmosphere “La tour de Babel” the food was good (we tried 6 different salads among other things) and the service was excellent, it was a real pleasure.

Ragnar Asker
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