A day off

Monday 22 March 2010 Agadir, Souss-Massa-Draa, Morocco

It was really nice to have a day off because my body was aching and needed rest. So we tried one of the red cabs to get to the fish market, it was not so easy since most drivers only spoke French or Arabic, but after a while we got off the car in a noisy fishing port, but according to our driver there was no fish hall? It was destroyed by an earthquake according to him, so were wandering along the pier and we only saw a few fishes, maybe we missed the right spot or time?
We also brought our passports with us since the port was on “international water” but we didn’t need it (according to our cab driver it only applied for Moroccan people?)

Then we continued to Agadir Marina, it was a totally different scene spacious and quiet with a more organized luxurious architecture and a lot less people. It was time for breakfast so I ordered a gourmet breakfast at Dolce & Caffe the best so far in this country. Then we looked around a little in the fashion stores (Zara) before we continued to walk the Corniche beach promenade, there were a lot of restaurants along the way. Unfortunately there were also a major ongoing construction work along the road so we continued further before we succeeded to get a red cab with the taximeter on, to bring us back to the hotel for some relaxation.
In the evening we went down to the Corniche beach promenade again to explore the restaurants tonights choice was a very beautiful place with excellent service but the food was nothing special + it was a little bit chilly to sit outside tonight, I guess it was below 25 degrees?

Ragnar Asker
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