How to stay frosty

Saturday 16 January 2010 Åre SV, Jamtland County, Sweden

I had a slow morning with time for relaxation and restoration before I went out on a walk to explore Åre and the lake, this morning it was 20 degrees minus it felt very good to walk around a little bit although it felt a little bit cool in the face and I also took some pictures of “The White Planet” it made me think a little bit about the two different collective belief systems that are circulating “The greenhouse effect versus the coming Ice Age” depending on where you search for your information.

Then it was time to take a cab to the dog sledge centre 12 km outside of Åre (south?).
Once there one guy told me that I could walk straight into the dog camp, I guess there was more than 30 dogs in there they looked very cute but one little guy who was very playful jumped up and grabbed my right glove and then he ran away with all the other dogs after him. How the hell was I supposed to get it back? I had to ask one of the guys that had to catch him. I guess the dogs were a little bit overexcited.

Then when it was time to drive away I held my hands on the wooden handle at the back and then the guy let go of the brake. The dogs pulled with full force immediately, but just a half meter, then the anchor stopped it all. But in this really short time my hand got stuck in the wooden handle so that my right wrist was bent in a very painful way. I guess my first thought was “f**k I sure hope that my wrist wasn’t broken" it was really painful and I had to lay down in the snow on my back feet's up, I felt dizzy and nauseas. I guess the staff got a little bit concerned and I am not sure anyone really understood what happened? But after a few seconds I could stand up and walk into the house where I got my wrist bandaged by a present nurse and I also got painkillers from the staff. It felt like my wrist was only browbeaten and I really wanted to try this dog sledging thing. So I said ok we go, but I had to ride as a passenger this time.

It was nice being on the way but f**k was it cool, I had to cover up my face totally. I took off the gloves for a short time trying to take some pictures while we were riding.
It took quite some time to warm up my fingers again and it was a painful experience. I thought that the Sun would warm us up a little, but the Sun was barely above the horizon and we spent most of our time riding in the shadows
I am not sure if the dogs were lazy or tired, so the guide had to shout at some of them occasionally , Tindra, Baloo so they got into bizniz again they also seemed to understand the words left and right.

I thought that I had really good winter equipment but I soon realized that I was not prepared for temperatures below 20 degrees while sitting still, especially not for my feet they were hurting. Although the landscape was beautiful my mind was focused on the next stop (hopefully warm). After a while we stopped and had the opportunity to move around a little bit and then go into "Kåtan" (a wooden hut) were the staff lit a fire and gave us hot chocolate and some biscuits. It was so nice to warm up my frozen feet while one of the guides informed us that it had been about 35 degrees minus just a few weeks ago

Happy and warm, I asked our Norwegian guide if I could try to ride the sledge. So we drove it together side by side, it was really fun and it was a lot warmer because I had to be a lot more active breaking and helping the dogs sometimes and once we were back at the house we also got the opportunity to pet the not so small puppies they were so cute at least this adventure ended in a happy way.
Once home we ordered takeaway pizza at "Werners" and watched the famous reality show Robinson Caribbean.

Ragnar Asker
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