Into the mist

Friday 15 January 2010 Åre SV, Jamtland County, Sweden

I woke up rested and felt fine in the body although a little bit lazy. We had a nice breakfast and then I learned that it was going to get really warm today only 15 degrees minus compared to yesterday/;) So I thought I should try a little bit less clothes today. But first we took a walk to "Camp Åre" down at the lake. It is a adventure centre and we wanted to explore what we could try to do on our last days? Three of us agreed to try the dog sledge trip it was a short one only for two hours, the fourth person decided that he wanted to ski one day extra. Thanks to this excursion we got a little bit late I think the time was about 11:00 a clock when we stepped on the first lift. We also learned about the phenomena called “Inversion” so according to that it was supposed to be 15 degrees minus and only 2 degrees minus on the sunny top, ehh that sounded great maybe I could get a nice suntan uphill, ehh?

But since we had decided to try another mountain top this time we hardly spent any time above the mist, we spent it in the mist and it was really chilly to feel the moist and cold air blow in the face and my toes were a little bit cold, otherwise it was totally ok. I felt that my muscles was a little bit tired so I didn’t feel that my control was that good today. I also tried to ski over a big bump with the result that I fell backwards but still racing downward in high speed with my skis pointing forward. I tried to get up I almost did it before I fell on the side it was mostly fun and a little bit unexpected event. Then we split up in pairs and we made our way back to Åre and we also did a quick stop at "Platåkåtans Servering" were I tried a Goulash soup with a little bit bread it was ok but nothing special, but it was a nice hut with a cozy fire in the middle, then it was time for the last ski downhill to the Åre centre before the sun set, it was misty and cold but fun. I was happy and exhausted but I also felt that it was enough of skiing for this time it was time for my body to rest a bit.

Ragnar Asker
Last active at - from Varberg, Halland County, Sweden

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