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Thursday 14 January 2010 Åre SV, Jamtland County, Sweden

It felt a little bit strange to start a travel adventure in the evening and with a night train with sleeping berths. The plan was to sleep us through the night and to arrive totally rested and relaxed in Åre 08:08. It is good to have some kind of plan, it was a very small and nice coupe with both bathroom and shower. But I felt like a sardine in oil, floating back and forth in the head and feet direction. The entire train wagon had a soft swaying sensation to the journey. So I was tossing and turning through the night, once in a while looking out on unknown railway stations covered in snow, it was beautiful. Finally, somewhere after midnight I fell asleep.
Then I woke up by my own alarm 50 min before arrival I thought, the train was late one hour, an early bird for no reason? So I had time to read the Åre magazine in the train, were I read that Åre skiing is not really for beginners, hmm that only increased my fear of skiing and steep slopes (heights).

It was beautiful in Åre and it was cool and it felt fresh breathing the chilly air. According to the train personnel it was 25 degrees minus. The sun was rising and we could see the light touching Åreskutans top. But we also got the information that we could check in first at 15:00 in the afternoon, what a bummer, so we had to put all our stuff in a storage box and then keep everything we thought we should need with us. Then it was time to fetch the skiing gear from Skistar. It all went well everything was prepared in advance. So finally it was time to try one of the lifts up the mountain slope. We got some free advice from two happy “gentlemen” that had been here for three days already . One of them told us that he had taken three “Jeigermeister” to prepare himself for today’s skiing it made him relax he said. I was asking them about the green slopes since this was my third time on downhill skiing but they told me that most slopes were labeled black and red, but a few was labeled blue, Holy Moses I didn’t want to die of terror in the first slope. I wanted to have a soft and easy experience while learning to ski downhill slowly.

It was scary sliding down narrow slopes while not knowing if it was considered to be a blue or red slope. But there seemed to be some" body memory" in me from the last time so I managed to slide down the slopes and trying to get used to different lift systems. It was a sunny and clear day and I had way to much clothes on, but better that than the opposite. Although there were some misty parts further down I am not sure if it was natural or just an effect of the snow canons‘? We just had one major rest in a warm hut were we could let our feet’s rest and get warm again I think it was around 25 degrees in the hut. After getting warm again we planned to go to Åreskutans top, but then we found out that all the blue slopes were shut down, what the f**k, now there was no other choice then walk down or throwing our selves down some really red slopes. This was challenging I tried to face my worst fears and slide down the misty slopes it was exciting and fearful at the same time.

Then it was time to get our keys to the apartment, but the access was delayed to after 15:00 whatever that meant? But luckily we could move in half an hour later with all our stuff. Great we had a home and I was hungry and tired, so we bought a quality meal at Max seven small Max Jr burgers and two large Coca Cola cans it was good to get some food and then a well deserved powernap. Two hours later I woke up and realized that it was a damn good and cozy apartment we had everything that we could need so I made some delicious espresso and feasted on “cinnamon rolls” before I took a long hot nice shower. Then it was time to warm up the laptop and plan the rest of the evening. It was a warm and cozy evening that was ended with a great Taco buffet and a few shots of "Koskenkorva Cranberry"

Ragnar Asker
Last active at - from Varberg, Halland County, Sweden

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