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Thursday 5 November 2009 Beijing, China

I am very glad that I came to China but I am even happier to leave this country it is not my kind of country. This morning I was trying to eat my 21th omelet in a row, at least it felt like that, when to my surprise I read some news in a Chinese magazine about Sweden it was a very fascinating story, it said that in the northern part of Sweden there is a small city called “Shako Paul City” were only lesbian women lives (25.000 women)
It was a nice feeling taking the cab to the airport, it is not common for me to feel homesick but this time I was really missing my alone time, my space and my own kind of food of course. I spent another 90 Yuan in the airport for the flower tea, which I thought would be a beautiful present for someone (you just put hot water 85 degrees in a glass with a dry flower and let it unfold itself, it is very beautiful process to watch).
Then it was time for the 10, 5 hours flight from Beijing to Paris, it was a long and crowded flight, my patience was tested by Mr. elbow man on the left side (he smelled sweat even before the flight begun) that had to get up every hour to go to the toilet, he also took every opportunity to get double rations of booze every time and Mr. butt man on the right side who had to stand up and do exercises every half hour (with his butt towards my face). Finally a short break in Paris before the last leg of the flight, even though I was very tired I really appreciated the light evening meal that Air France provided, it was so good, my first real coffee in three weeks and a wonderful delicious plum cake to that, I was literally in heaven. I had to stay awake for 24 hours before I got to see my own bed, what a wonderful sight, but then I started to feel more awake again? Then I realized this was the time when I normally got up Chinese time.

It was a personal challenge on many levels that I choose to speak English 25/7, travelling with unknown people, through four demanding countries, altitude adjustment and an overambitious sightseeing program, economic challenge, digesting new reality information, getting to know Stewart a little, sharing intuitive knowledge, never being alone, little time for relaxation and reflection.
But I also think these countries can be quite demanding to travel in, sometimes with a lot of bureaucracy (read control). Most of the people in the group spoke English and some of them spoke French, even though I understand English, it took a lot of energy and focus with the translation of the many different dialects and then trying to express myself in an understandable way. Sometimes I missed my daily loneliness but roommate Mrs. Hollywood was a very simple and easygoing person so it made it all a lot easier.
Even if I tried to prepare for the high altitude it puts a lot of extra stress on the body especially if you move to quickly up in high altitude and don’t drink or sleep enough. We actually got from 1500 m to 4000 m and then to 5200 m in just two days and I think that is too fast for most people I think three days would have been perfect for me.
Here you can read valuable stuff about altitude illness:

If I have to judge the people in the different countries from a general perspective from how friendly they are I guess the Indians would get one star, the Nepalese two stars, the Tibetans three star and the Chinese people one star.
But I am starting to like the Chinese people, they don’t look so happy but they seem to be friendly, although not many of them seem to understand English. But I still have some problem with Chinese food, I don’t like all the bones they have in almost everything and they seem to eat almost everything? I even heard a rumor that you could order a dish made of human fetus called “spare rib soup” local code for “baby soup“. It is supposed to increase health and sexual stamina.

This was an extremely demanding travel adventure for many reasons, but I don’t regret a thing from this travel experience and I think the reward for this challenge is that I feel even more confident, relaxed and proactive while travelling alone.

Finepix Z33WP

Flight ticket 8850, Basic roundtrip 41550, Beijing sightseeing 3000, Pocket money 5596, Visa 1969, Total cost 60965 SEK

This was another adventure.

Ragnar Asker
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