Sightseeing 5

Tuesday 3 November 2009 Beijing, China

I had a barely decent breakfast, then I read the Swedish news through my internet connection and to my surprise the told about the Chinese weather control centre that had created the snowfall in Beijing, it came two months earlier than it normally does.
I wonder what kind of weather they will create today?
I got on the sightseeing bus, first we went to the summer palace for the Dragon Lady, then the pearl market, were we also stopped for a good lunch with many different dishes, then it was time for the “Forbidden City”, then a silk mall, then the temple of heaven and lastly we went on a tea ceremony in a tea shop, it was very interesting to taste a lot of teas and to learn more about the Chinese tea culture, of course they wanted to make bizniz afterwards, the only thing I bought this day was a panda cap, maybe it will be a present?
It had been a long day of being herded around, although everyone was friendly, I just wanted to go home so they dropped me off at the crappy street so I could walk the muddy dark street home to my hotel, unfortunately it looked a little bit different in the night so I got lost for a moment, Luckily I had the hotel address card with me so I asked some Chinese people and they pointed and shouted a little. Fuck, was I glad when I found my crappy hotel? I just ordered the only thing that I could order, the noodles for 5 Yuan and then I opened a small bottle of wine “The Great Wall”
This evening I dreamed about ordering a pizza from pizza hut, but I didn’t want to take the risk of not finding my hotel and get stuck with a Chinese cab driver that didn’t speak English.

Ragnar Asker
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