Monday 2 November 2009 Beijing, China

I had a late breakfast before we went out in the streets, it seemed that we got straight into the fashion shops, it was a nice temperature, humid and cloudy of course, there was nothing special to see. Then I spent a few kilometers in the gym before I started to pack for the airport. It was time for me to depart from the group and travel alone for a while.
We took the bus to the airport when I suddenly realized that I should probably go to another terminal than the rest of the group since my flight was domestic and their was international, I took a quick farewell of the group before I tried to find my check in gate, luckily it was quite close, but for some reason the girl checked me in on an earlier flight to Beijing, she just told me hurry, hurry. So I just realized that my new flight was leaving 14:30 instead of 16:00 eh what with my transfer to the hotel? I asked one of the flight stewards if he could help me to call the travel company China highlights, so they could pick me up earlier maybe. He actually gave me his phone so I could call them but they didn’t answer, so there was nothing I could do for the moment. I got a little bit surprised when I saw all the snow on the ground I thought that I was going to a warm place; this seemed to be almost the same climate as home in Sweden.
It was a nice short flight and a modern airport; once I landed I got into the GOTONE VIP Club and asked them if they could help me. They were also very friendly they helped me with the phone calls and they also offered me coffee and to stay and wait in their VIP Club, how nice. I could relax, drink some coffee and watch some Chinese cartoons while waiting on the cab. Then after a while my guide arrived to take me to Citycourt Hotel with the cab, fuck this is crappy roads am I getting to a slum hotel again? But the guide called it the old town (maybe the Chinese government has forbidden the word slum?). The hotel was very simple but it had its charm, they told me “no restaurant only breakfast“. Fuck, what am I going to eat? Luckily they had the famous noodle soup for 5 Yuan behind the desk. I started to do my laundry after my survival meal, but then the phone rang it was the guide for tomorrows sightseeing she told me to be ready 07:30 for the “Dragon Bus“, Fuck that’s early and the hotel start to serve their breakfast 07:30, not a good equation! The sightseeing is also supposed to end at 18:00; so that may be a really long day!
I hope I can sleep well, the bed feels very hard and the mattress feels almost as plain wood! I did my best to soften it up with my sleeping bag and my extra mattress.

Ragnar Asker
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