Sightseeing 4

Sunday 1 November 2009 Chengdu, Sichuan, China

The breakfast buffet was great and the coffee was almost as good as Swedish coffee, wonderful!
It was time to visit the Chengdu Panda Breeding Centre, it took a while to get there Chengdu seems to be a big city. Once there we had the opportunity to walk around and view the different Pandas and take some pictures of them we also had the chance to watch the Panda cubs, they were very sweet and furry, unfortunately for me, maybe not for the Pandas, we didn’t have any close encounters with them so there is no picture of me hugging a Panda or vice versa. At the lake we could see black and white Swans that are not so common, I think. After the Panda sightseeing some of our group wanted to go back to the hotel, but I thought I haven’t seen much of Chengdu yet. So I decided to continue the sightseeing to the Mountain of Qingcheng, but before that I had an irresistible need to buy a couple of Panda bears, it was fun making bizniz with the locals. Of course the price level skyrocketed inside the Panda centre compared to the bizniz outside. But hopefully that would become sponsor money for the centre?
I jumped in the bus and tried to lie down and rest a little bit in the backseat it was a long and very bumpy ride, once at the parking spot many of us felt hungry. So we decided to try the closest restaurant, everything on the menu was in Chinese unfortunately. But luckily one guy at the table next to us was able to translate a little bit; he suggested that we order rabbit! I was in for the spicy Sichuan chicken, but to my surprise it was ice cold. So I tried some noodles and vegetables before I got rice, which I tried to order four times at last I had to get up and point on the rice bowl on the table beside us.

Then it was time to climb the mountain, we just needed one ticket first, then when we got to the ferry we needed another ticket and when we got to the cable car we needed yet another ticket. Then we had to stand in line for the cable car with thousands of Chinese people that were on their Sunday excursion to the temples?
Of course I had to climb to the top I passed several Chinese temples on the way up: Once up at the highest temple the view was blocked by the temple wall which was a little bit disappointing. Then it was time to stand in line for the cable car down and I just happened to get in the cable car with a Chinese student. She seemed very nice and she told me that she studied “Petrol” her English was unfortunately very limited.
Once down it was time to hit the bus, it had been a really long day full of impressions so I tried to rest/sleep in the backseat again while the driver tried to find our hotel.

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