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Saturday 29 August 2009 Hamburg, Germany

We started with the obvious breakfast buffet, I think I have never eaten as little for breakfast on this entire trip; it’s not that exciting anymore although it was good. So today the plans are quite loose so far, we just want to travel in a relaxed pace home with some occasional adventures on the road. We travelled quickly north mainly on autobahn the speed window for the traffic was from 0 km/h to 300 km/h so the drive was quite demanding the pace was changing all the time. I had to slow down from 190 km to 0 km in a very short time due to a traffic accident involving three cars. So this so called speed freedom has its price for some. Then we happened to travel through Hamburg and then we made an eating stop in “Itzehoe” (it’s a hoe?)At a Greek kebab restaurant, they were quite friendly and they also offered us free drinks after the main course like ouzo, tea and coffee. Then we drove further north to “Busum” with the intention to find a nice room but unfortunately it was impossible to get any accommodation (it was already fully booked), because there were some kind of ongoing “fish and crab festival”. We also contemplated to explore the island “Sylt” but it was already getting late and then we had to take a ferry also, so we choose to continue driving towards Kiel, but luckily we got a hotel room in “Heide” for 90 euro with breakfast included.

Ragnar Asker
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