Holiday Park

Friday 28 August 2009 Kassel, Hesse, Germany

So we had the option to sleep with opens windows and hear the heavy traffic from the highway or to shut the window and sleep in a tropical atmosphere. We tried both options neither one was really good, except in the early morning when it started to get cool and the traffic was less, but then it was time to get up for another breakfast buffet at 06:00 this one was extremely good, but at this time my appetite was not that great and I had become a little bit tired of tasting almost everything of every buffet. Yes I know a real luxury problem. Then we went on the road again to Germany. We just had one small mishap; we forgot to pay the toll for the road in Austria so we had to pay a fine of 120 euro’s, that was crazy, according to the lady there was large signs on the road but, we seemed to have missed that one, speed blindness or too much filtering out of data. So the destination was now “Hasloch”. It took some time before we arrived at the Holiday Park once there we found out that it was not that large and that they closed at 18:00. So we had limited time to explore the different attractions. After some hesitation of the other team members we bought a flat rate band so that we could enjoy as much as possible without the extra payment hassle. We tried all the red attractions, some of them were quite scary I think, the GeForce, the light house, the free fall and others where just plain fun to try. So we managed to squeeze the most out of the park and ourselves before it closed. Then we put some more km behind us and found a four star hotel on a hilltop just before Marburg The hotel was very flashy and had a luxury approach but the wireless internet was not included, you had to pay extra for that, which is so crazy, you often have it for free at less expensive hotels. What are we really paying for, the illusion of being super rich, I don’t know. We ended the night with simple food on the room accompanied by some red vine, nice.

Ragnar Asker
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