Bloody Elisabeth

Thursday 27 August 2009 Bratislava, Slovakia

I woke up extremely early about 05:00 and took a long rewarding cleansing bath, and repacked all my stuff, then I was able to use the wireless network for a while by sitting under the microwave antenna for the entire hotel, not so healthy I think, slowly the other team members started to wake up. We had a traditional hotel breakfast or not? Hot dogs were included in the buffet. Then we explored the sport shops for a while. I still hadn’t let go of the idea to get closer to “Gerlachovsky stit” according to the map there was a restaurant called Sliezki dom or something like that, down at the base of “Gerlachovsky stit”, unfortunately we couldn’t find that road so we chose to continue to “Cachtice” were our next planned stop was “Cachtice Castle”. I am not sure about the full story of this but I guess that there was some kind of lady living in the castle “Elisabeth Bathory” that tortured and murdered 600 young women and bathed in blood. I guess it was quite a bloody mess or scary story behind these scenes Then we tried the local pizzeria before we continued our drive through Slovakia. It was first in Austria that we took the time to eat some wonderful cakes with coffee. They also had some kind of health product containing cannabis sativa extract “Swiss cannabis ice tea, fantastic natural feeling”. Then it was a dark drive trough Austria, too bad that we couldn’t see so much of the landscape, but we had limited time so we drove further until we saw a motor hotel called “ST. Valentin Holiday” just before “Lintz”. It was very expensive, the most expensive so far 100 euro for two persons. It was quite warm outside about 30 degrees but in the car the AC had been on 14 degrees, so it was quite a difference to try to sleep in this hotel room without AC.

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