Sunday 26 July 2009 Kirkestræde 5, Helsingør, Denmark

Woke up to a sunny day, but there was also something else in the air. We had a very basic breakfast before it was time to explore Møens Klint Geocenter we watched the 3D movie it was quite fascinating seeing the sea monster swimming towards you especially the “Mosasaurs”, oops. Then we explored the rest of the exhibition at the Geocenter. Then it was time to get muddy/:)
We went to the northern part of the cliffs were we tried to find the Devils cliff by walking through unknown territory of moraine clay. Some of us found it others of us, me included found the Devil in another shape of swarms of flies, and they were actually quite harmless even though they almost looked like wasps. It was just that they were so many and that they wanted to get really close to you. But it didn’t stop me from exploring further down the coastline, but after a while I had enough of the flies, the focus was more on to take them off than focusing on the actual beauty of the place. But just before I was getting ready for the stairs I decided to wash of the mud from my sandals. I went into the sea water and bent a little bit forward enough to let my mobile slid out of my pocket and into the ocean, great, really great, can things really get worse? I didn’t know if I should get angry or cry or just laugh at the whole experience. So I decided enough is enough and started to climb the stairs while I was perspiring profusely (why did I leave my water in another backpack?). There was a lot of rustle along the path back, but I only saw one black snake. So we met up with the other guys and then it was time to hit the road home. We made one stop at the center of Copenhagen at a very special restaurant with the name “RizRaz” they had a fantastic vegetarian buffet which you could top with meat or fish if you wanted, I tried the swordfish in ginger. But there was also the option to order a real T-bone steak 550 g for real Cowboys/:)
It was nice to have a dinner break and the option to feel the Danish atmosphere at “Strøget”
Thanks to a phone GPS we succeeded to find our way out from Copenhagen and back to Helsingborg.
The last question I had on my mind was “What the fuck should I do with my soaking mobile?”
Maybe I should pull it apart as much as possible put it in sterile water and then bake it in the oven at 40-60 degrees? What do you think?

Roadmap (theoretical),+M%C3%B8n+(GeoCenter+M%C3%B8ns+Klint)+to:Langebjergvej+to:55.068932,11.859741+to:Rutt+22%2FSlagelsevej+to:helsingborg&geocode=%3BFXCVVgMdzDy_AA%3BFbRgVgMd-XiVACEB4OlpVh4xUg%3BFeUkVgMdtO-VACHJe-UakM4hig%3BFUkkVgMd-gCWACHfhhVAaydALw%3BFSKPVAMdKomWAA%3BFV-1RgMdBHi_ACG43-ftwT91vA%3BFZ8WRwMdDyC_AA%3B%3BFU4_TAMdZAWvAA%3B&hl=sv&mra=dpe&mrcr=4&mrsp=8&sz=8&via=1,5,7,8,9&sll=54.667478,12.420044&sspn=4.089253,6.278687&ie=UTF8&z=8

I think the Danish people are very friendly and relaxed; they seem to enjoy life more than Swedish people? But I still have problem to understand their language.

This was another adventure.

Ragnar Asker
Last active at - from Varberg, Halland County, Sweden

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