Saturday 25 July 2009 Kirkestræde 5, Helsingør, Denmark

I had a good night’s sleep and then we started to make breakfast, we tried to buy some coffee without Danish money, so the staff were nice to give it to us for free, but the bad thing was that we now had an extra member that we hadn’t paid for yet, So when I got the question “How many people are you?” I couldn’t lie we were four people. But it may have looked like we tried to bail out on the extra bed. I hope we didn’t create a bad reputation for Swedish people, since this was an unintentional thing. We finished up the Danish breakfast (juice, matilda, coffee, fresh bread, salami and of course Danish smelly cheese) in the early morning sun, before we packed the car and then went searching for the three different summits/;
We started with Yding Skovhøj were we first saw a big Bauta stone and a mystic stone formation? The height of the hill is supposed to be 170,77 m but if you include the bronze age burial mound the height is 172,54 m then we went to the easily spotted tower at Ejer Bavnehøj 170,89 + the thirteen meter high tower, but were the heck is Møllehøj? There was just one arrow pointing at a hill called Møgelhøj could that be the same? No it wasn’t after some time asking around at the local farmers
before we could pinpoint where it was just behind a farm building full with cows, not so glamorous, eh? The height of Møllehøj is supposed to be 170,86 m but according to the international principle of primary factors Ejer Bavnehøj and Møllehøj are defined as one complete top, eh?
The most difficult thing with this “climb” was to find them and then to find out which one that was the highest one? Since we weren’t sure we decided to include all the three hill tops in our expedition/:)
Then it was time to drive south and cross the impressive bridge “Storebæltsbroen” due to a lot of traffic jam (the road was full of holiday cars) it took quite some time to drive to Møens Klint, but we also made a dinner break at Jensen’s Bøfhus with a delicious three course meal/:)
Before we got to our two star hostel we went down to the Geocenter at Møens Klint and the five hundreds stairs to the beach. It was good to move around after sitting in a car for so long time. It was very beautiful but unfortunately my mobile camera was out of power, so I couldn’t digitalize the experience. The cliffs were white because of chalk from the remains of lime shells from a tropical sea that covered most of Northern Europe 75 million years ago. There were also a lot of flint stones at the waterfront. Then we went to our hostel for a long refreshing night sleep. But this night it was extensive commotion not among the other guests but in our own camp.

Ragnar Asker
Last active at - from Varberg, Halland County, Sweden

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