Saturday 13 June 2009 Varberg, Halland County, Sweden

Up early again, we started at 9.30 and today there were eight other kite beginners that started their class, but we hardly had time to see them, since it was great conditions today for kiting and we went down to the beach almost immediately while they stayed at the house for theory lessons.
So I and my kite friend started to take turns with the kite we just had supervision from our teacher while we got our feet and heads wet. We practiced for a few hours then it was time for lunch and we drove to Varberg center and enjoyed an Asian buffet (Japanese, Chinese, Thai). After that we drove to Apelviken and I took a few shoots of all the water activity. At the beach I had a much unexpected synchronistic event that almost blew my mind (it proved the invisible cosmic interconnections that we all have according to me). Then it was time to head back to our water training. We took all our equipment and went down in the water again and practiced starting technique with the board and kite together. It was a lot harder than we expected we got up for a short period but then we forgot to handle the kite properly. It resulted in a few unplanned lofting experiences and some salt water in our mouths. I guess we started to get tired and sometimes I felt that I was getting worse, but I know it isn’t true. I quickly got better at handling the kite and I also felt a lot more secure while not having full control. I was exhausted after these days’ water activities and felt that it was no use pushing it harder since it should be fun. So I spoke to the teachers what I felt and we agreed on taking the last theory session tomorrow. That felt good since my body was overfull of this intense learning experience.

Ragnar Asker
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Adventure 4: The kitesurfing learning experience

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