Friday 12 June 2009 Varberg, Halland County, Sweden

Woke up early in Surfers house close to Björkängs camping, it didn’t look good outside. It was cold, cloudy and still raining. Was this the weather record in June for low temperature and maximum rain? At 9:30 the teacher arrived and my other “kite friend” we were only two today. Because of the wind conditions we drove to Getterön for some practical kite training. I think it went very well although it was quite cold and not really a summer feeling to the experience. I guess the best thing was when I tried to use the board and started to surf just for a few seconds it was a new experience and a new feeling. After a few hours in the water we called it for today.
And my kite friend dropped me of at the Surfer house, so I had an entire two story building for myself. It was nice to have a calm spot and melt all the experience of this intense water day.
I called my friend from Stockholm who was on the train on his way to Varberg but due to some misunderstanding the teacher thought that he couldn’t attend the camp and now the camp was fully booked. So our entire plan went out of the window and he chose to stay with his cousin that also lived in Varberg. That was a real downer but what could I do?
I had to buy some food for the evening so I went for a walk down to the camping, but then I saw kite surfers on the beach so I went down there and spoke with a guy that lived in Norway and was on another kite camp here. It was interesting to speak with him; he told me that you could kitesurf just 45 min from Oslo. But I had to continue my walkabout I went to the store and bought a little bit too much food, I guess I was already too hungry. I bought almost everything that you need for a taco buffet. The girl in the store asked me if I shouldn’t have any onion. But I told her that I only planned to stay for two days and I already bought way too much food. I had a great dinner together with a not so great TV show.

Ragnar Asker
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Adventure 4: The kitesurfing learning experience

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