Monday 1 June 2009 Helsingborg, Skåne County, Sweden

Woke up with a numb body, today it was time for a little bit less activity, so we had a late breakfast and then we went to the beach just north of Viken, it was nice and I challenged myself with my first bath for this year without a wetsuit. I also helped my friend to get used to the water temperature/:)
After a while we got hungry and drove to Höganäs to eat some very nutritious food (kebab platter).
The next thing was to find a traditional cake called “Spettekaka” for one of our friend’s mother.
We also made a quick stop in Mölle enjoying the beauty of the harbour before we drove to Kullen.
This time we started to explore Josefinelust and the steep stairs down to the waterfront. It was so beautiful to just watch the waves with its clear water and to climb around the different stone formations I guess we spent a few hours there before we drove over to the other side where there is a Café (Ellens café Ransvik) unfortunately it was closed for the day, so we just explored the beach for a while before we turned home to our basecamp in Helsingborg.

It was demanding to be a larger group, with everyone having different goals, fears and expectations. But it was also very rewarding since the creativity flow seemed to increase exponentially, with spontaneous ideas. I guess taking it a little bit slower would have been better but on the other hand this time we only had a few days.

This was another adventure.

Ragnar Asker
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Adventure 3: The pilot dream and the speed cat dream

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