Sunday 31 May 2009 115 96, Båstad, Skåne County, Sweden

We tried to plan our day with a group of very different opinions, finally we made a deal to try speed cats in Båstad it was a wild and exhaustive project, the boats are a water version of formula 1 cars although they have a higher horsepower ratio (hp/kg) per vehicle. It was a very different experience to be co-driver and “captain”, it was a physical, mental and emotional challenge (facing your own fears) and it demanded 100 % attention. You could literally turn in 90 degrees turns if your co driver was doing his/her work. We ended the training sessions with a real time race; unfortunately my co driver went over to “the other side” figuratively speaking, like a ginger bread cookie he wheeled around in the air before he landed in the chilly water, so the competition ended very quickly. Although my friend may have had some trust issues with me he agreed to a final free ride out in the open sea and back. I think the most fun part was to ride with the waves and then giving full gas and jump from the waves. I ended my driving with a jump in the cool water, without a wetsuit I wouldn’t have done that, it was very refreshing.

Then we relaxed for a while on the beach with some ice cream melting the experience and the ice cream at the same time. I think we all had enough of action for today.

So we went to Ica to buy food for a picnic at Kullen for a “softer” experience, we just parked and then we found a great place on the grass with a table. It may seem strange but I think this was the best part of the day, to relax and enjoy a marvelous meal in the evening sun after an adventurous day, there was two kinds of pasta, fillet of pork smoked and fried halloumi, herbal sauce, bake off bread, juice, strawberries, vanilla wreath/sister cake and espresso…excellent.

But when you are at a beautiful place like Kullen it is hard not to explore the area. So we went on a small trek around the shoreline by the lighthouse, it was a strange feeling, the air was getting cooler and the sun was on its way down, but the stones emitted the warmth of the day.

Ragnar Asker
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Adventure 3: The pilot dream and the speed cat dream

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