Saturday 30 May 2009 Höganäs, Skåne County, Sweden

We started the day with a great breakfast buffet and then I had an appointment at 11:00 close to Helsingborg to try an Aprilia RS-01 motorbike it was a nice bike with a fully renovated motor.

But we had more plans, at 14:00 we were supposed to be at Höganäs airport the purpose was to fly a small airplane and try to fly a little bit ourselves, once up in the air it was a marvelous view just above the coastline, unfortunately a got a little bit “air sick” it was a little bit bumpy and when the teacher made the last sharp turn just before landing I was glad it was time to land on the ground.
So we landed and changed the “crew”, we could only be two persons each time, so we relaxed and watched the plane take off again. It was nice just sitting on the ground and watching the planes.
It all ended with a small flight show with a double wing plane.

But of course I had more plans for the day…

The plan was to try two other Aprilia RS motorbikes 05/06 before the nightshift, one was in Kristianstad and the other one just outside in a small place called Fjälkinge, of course this venture took a lot longer time than we expected and the other part of the gang was waiting home with a delicious dinner. The first place was easy to find but the other one was a bigger challenge, we asked at the local pizza place and fortunately one of the customers knew this man’s family and where they lived, incredible, so she drove like a race driver many km before she just stopped outside the right house. It was a very nice bike, but the final choice came down to the 06 model because of its space age design, so back again to Kristianstad to make the final deal. Then it was a long night driving home at least it felt like that and my knees got a little bit icy due to the cold. The motorbike was fun and easy to drive but the sight was not that good; to utilize the power of all the “horses”
I was totally exhausted when we came home so it was very nice to get a full meal, chat a little and then drop dead in the bed, what a day!

Ragnar Asker
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Adventure 3: The pilot dream and the speed cat dream

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