Wednesday 15 April 2009 Helsingborg, Skåne County, Sweden

In hindsight I can say that two drivers is too little for a trip like this (one of us had no drivers license) but on the other hand our car was so small that we only had space for three people.

The interesting thing is that all the people above Gävle have been very friendly, is it the cold? I don’t know, maybe people know that they depend on each other there?

It seems that people in the far north needs a lot of stuff to survive, one house, one tipi, one igloo, one four wheel car, one wagon, one snow mobile, a dog sledge, 12 dogs and 10.000 reindeers or a fishing boat/;)

It was a great help to have a laptop with wireless connection with us during the trip, to find maps and information about different things (places, motels, attractions, costs)

It seemed that we had an incredible flow in this trip, great timing even though we never booked anything in advance we always found great solutions and saw new opportunities, like North Cape which never was in the original plan…

Once home I felt like I was timeless, space less and homeless (always on the move).
It was time to center myself melt, integrate, rest and ground myself after this very intense adventure, but I didn’t regret any of it and I realize that I fulfilled several latent dreams.

I have to save dog sledding to another adventure, but it’ still on my to do list/:)

Totally 10466 SEK (food 1775, petrol 1735, living 2436, adventure 2963 extra 1557)

Canon Digital Ixus 50
Viewty (KU990)

If you want to see a short video look here:

This was another adventure.

Ragnar Asker
Last active at - from Varberg, Halland County, Sweden

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