Thursday 19 February 2009 Helsingborg, Skåne County, Sweden

Tried another breakfast buffet for 9 Euros but the only difference was that you could drink red, white or rosé wine for breakfast…
Then I got a text message from Fritidsresor saying that the plan should leave one hour earlier than scheduled (It seems that there is a first time for everything an earlier departure)
So I felt this was the last time to catch some waves, sun and fun…
The big irony was that the waves were huge today on our last day but there was no time for wave surfing so I went out in the ocean directly, then I heard a guy saying “Hello friend” to me, I tried to remember if I had spoken to him before or if he just was friendly? But then I didn’t have more time because a monster wave came towards me I hesitated and then I made a very bad decision, I went in front of the wave just before the wave break. I tumbled around like a ping pong ball I didn’t know what was up or down, I put my arms in front to protect myself but it didn’t help, I got a really hard blow on my forehead down in the sand bottom and then my neck got bent because of the impact and the rotation of the wave. It was a shock to my entire system! But I managed to pull myself up on the beach, fuck; this was not a good ending on a vacation, but the good thing is that I survived…

It reminded me a little bit about the fragility and uncertainty of life and the importance of making the most of my life as long as I am breathing and to face my challenges with courage and faith.

It was no problem to smuggle a half liter drinking water through the custom, I just had to try!
It also felt a little bit strange to return to a –6 degrees winter climate still wearing just a T-shirt.

Tropical Paradise?
The Cabo Verdians seem to be proud and beautiful, very natural and relaxed, sometimes on the border of disambitious, or just bored? They also seem to be very free in their bodies especially in their hips/;)

The climate is pleasant but with a steady wind sometimes mixed with sand and the water is a little bit cool. The sun is strong of course unless it’s very cloudy.

The local food was fine but the so called international dishes were not impressive, of course most things from the sea is fine but often there are too little spices in them.

Sugarcoating is often used when describing Sal, so there are things that the travel companies avoid to tell for example that there are garbage spread out over the entire island, maybe they hope that the sea will take care of it? The other thing is that they are building like crazy time share apartments in thousands, but for the moment it mostly looks like ghost towns. What will happen when the over exploitation comes to fruitation? Will the Cabo Verdians become slaves once again to the tourist industry? What will happen with their culture? It is a very desert like and looks a little bit as Mars I think (red and dusty)? Not many things can grow here unless irrigated.

Currency: there was no problem using VISA card in the ATMs and you could pay with either euro or escudos of course it always takes a little time to recalculate the prices in your head, but I guess that problem will be solved as soon as we will get the global Amero currency.

The best thing with Cabo Verde is probably the “No Stress” attitude and the possibility for wind demanding water sports like windsurf and kite surfing.

Don't forget to bring a fleece shirt you may use it more often than you thought/:)

Pretravel 1007 (hotel + car + parking + food), travel 5890, Food 1790, Activities 1405, Extra 50, Taxfree 848, Total cost xy 10990 SEK.

Viewty (KU990)

This was another adventure.

Ragnar Asker
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