Sunday 16 September 2018 - Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

So now we reached final destination for this yearwe stay at the port olímpic marina close to Barcelona cacino welcome to visit 

Hola España 🇪🇸
Saturday 15 September 2018 - Palamós, Catalonia, Spain

So last country for Nakuak this year as well last curtesy flag tomorrow waits this year end station 


 Nice coastline good winds it works well now not too far to end destination 


So some days to explore the east coast between France and Spain 

Salty sea
Tuesday 11 September 2018 - Sète, Languedoc-Roussillon-Midi-Pyrénées, France

A long leg to Sete and a needed swim in the salty blue Mediterranean sea 

Mast up

After more than one month the mast is finally up again after a smooth installation now waits the Mediterranean and salty waters againcosailor Bengt, Emilia and Tilde will make the final route to Barcelona 

Saturday 8 September 2018 -

Welcome new cosailors family Genouelwho will join for Saturday to Sunday nice lunch stop and the fridge full of more French delicates 

22m lock
Friday 7 September 2018 -

suprisingly the easiest lock is the deepest 

Leaving Lyon
Wednesday 5 September 2018 - Lyon, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, France

With new cosailor Hans neighbor from town we now enter Rhone river wider than anything before except the sea ofcorse 

Downstream and uphill
Tuesday 28 August 2018 - Lyon, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, France

Going downstream the Saone river the hills getting steeper So we are in Lyon had a good day visiting friends Now Nakuak will rest for a week and will continue next week on Rhone river and the Mediterranean seaMy dearest cosailors and nowadays first lock specialist will finally head for home  

Along the coast in Europe

Along the coast in Europe

29 April 2018 - 1 October 2018

Nakuak together with owner friends and family will make a trip from westcoast of sweden to eastcoast of spain

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