Att resa ligger mig nära om hjärtat! Är målmedveten och anser att jag blir en bättre människa av att kombinera det bästa av olika världar. Inte rädd att testa nya saker och gillar att inblanda mig i kulturen i landet där jag befinner mig. Gillar budgetresor som inte är planerade från A till O så att man har tid att gå vilse och njuta av det. Men viss planering är bra att ha så man vet på ett ungefär vilka ställen man inte vill missa. Mina vänner brukar beskriva mig som något galen, envis, glad & omtänksam och det kan nog stämma rätt bra.
Age : 30
Hometown Växjö, Kronoberg County, Sweden
Last active at - from Copenhagen, Capital Region of Denmark, Denmark
Exchange. So much more than studies
Wednesday 25 April 2012 - Stortorget 9, Lund, Skåne County, Sweden

(Some belated thoughts on my last exchange mixed with life here and now) I am currently sitting alone in my room, after several intense but unforgettable days with some of my best friends from my Erasmus exchange in France visiting my city. My 20 square meters room and student corridor became the

Now in Qatar and remembering the last days in China!
Sunday 14 August 2011 - Doha, Qatar

It is the 14th of August; soon 9 o’clock and I have been in Doha since 4 in the morning. By our arrival it was already over 30 degrees even though the sun had not yet came out. Right now I am sitting in the lobby of my hotel (yes, hotel, because there is only 1 hostel in Doha and it’s far far

Sichuan and the monkey business
Sunday 17 July 2011 - Xi'an, Shaanxi, China

By the time I start writing this, it is 8 pm the 16th of July. This was a very long way and quite frustrating. I jumped on a train from Chengdu to Xian yesterday and finally arrived 17 hours later, at 1 p.m. today. I saw a city that in many ways seemed cooler than Chengdu, at least judging from the

Philosophy and pandas
Monday 11 July 2011 - Chengdu, Sichuan, China

I had forgotten how it was to think about every extra gram you carry in your backpack. All of a sudden, that extra t-shirt you brought with you seems completely unnecessary and you just want to through it away to avoid that pain in the back that lasts for a little while every time you move from one

Well, nihao there China!
Thursday 7 July 2011 - Shanghai, China

Day 1 in China I am currently sitting on the hardest bed I have ever been close to in my life. Besides a +- 2 cm “mattress”, there is nothing between you and the wood of the bunk bed. In the background I hear the air conditioning which is pretty needable as the temperature drops to no less

Farewell UNSW, Sydney and Australia.
Monday 4 July 2011 - Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

(Written while waiting in Aucklands Airport the 4th of July) I am on my way to China, starting with Shanghai, and I just left Australia behind. Feels like I have been crying constantly the last week here because friends were leaving all the time, but now that I am here I don’t really think I get

Closing chapter UNSW & Oz + travel dates
Wednesday 15 June 2011 - Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

I have now finished 3 of my 4 courses in UNSW and tomorrow I have my absolutely last assignment, exam or whatsoever here in Australia. This means that in 24 hours my winter vacation, that will soon turn into summer vacation, starts. Last week I have been planning quite a bit and now I know at

Post wild kangaroos, Queensland plans and nostalgia
Thursday 26 May 2011 - Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Last time I wrote in my diary I had a list of things to do before leaving Australia and I'm working on it. This are the results so far: (X= Check) - Buy a boomerang - Canberra (Booked: 28 may) - Royal National Park - (Port Stephens) - x Try vegemite - x Coogee-Bondi walk - Paddington - x Imax

Melbourne vs Sydney
Friday 20 May 2011 - Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

The last trip was to Melbourne, the second biggest metropolis in Australia and the "rival" of Sydney, as they always compete over the title of the best city. I should defend Sydney, but I am weak for Melbourne and wish I had stayed there more! During my stay I saw the Great Ocean Road (including

Thursday 5 May 2011 - Arthurs Lake, Tasmania, Australia

Life in Australia is still a bit complicated at times but I feel good anyways. Still a part of my life to remember so to hell with the obstacles :) getting over them. So, we had a needable midbreak because as I wrote before, I have to study more than back in Lund. We have assignments and things to



2 October 2013 - 3 October 2014

Updates of stops here and there.

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12 October 2012 - 20 June 2013

Soon to come and I can't wait :) For knowledge and leisure, here i goooo

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29 July 2012 - 18 August 2012

Meeting up with lovely friends from Nantes, Sydney and Sweden here and there. Nice to see your homes and cities !

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Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia

8 June 2012 - 24 July 2012

Time for some Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand & Singapore. Sunlight and crazyness, here I come.

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Upside Down

Upside Down

20 December 2010 - 15 January 2012

Studies abroad & trips here and there. These are in short the cities I plan to visit. But who knows what happens! In several countries my plan is to travel around, so the marked points are where I am supposed to take an airplane or a boat to the next stop. The traveling around is mostly gonna happen in New Zealand and in Asia, as I will be studying a semester abroad both in Sydney and Nantes. The trips starts with Christmas celebration with my Mexican family. can't wait!

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A tiny update

A tiny update

2 November 2010 - 3 November 2010

Thought it might be a good idea to update some old trips made the last years.

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