Downstream and uphill
Tuesday 28 August 2018 - Lyon, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, France

Going downstream the Saone river the hills getting steeper So we are in Lyon had a good day visiting friends Now Nakuak will rest for a week and will continue next week on Rhone river and the Mediterranean seaMy dearest cosailors and nowadays first lock specialist will finally head for home  

Sailing on Saone

After lock intensive canal we finally get on river Saone we also welcome our cosailors Timo and Marjo nice to have someone to share the champagne with France still continue to surprise us as we Today saw sailing the way we know it 

In the Woods
Wednesday 22 August 2018 - Rolampont, Alsace-Champagne-Ardenne-Lorraine, France

Getting on higher altitude  woods get thighter We enjoying warm days and fresh mornings 

Lot of locks
Tuesday 21 August 2018 -

finally some scenic views climbing up the hill 

Saturday 18 August 2018 - Reims, Alsace-Champagne-Ardenne-Lorraine, France

After more adventures than we asked for we finally enter into champagne area 

On Canal again
Sunday 12 August 2018 -

so after a long trip from saint valery sur Somme to Calais including tide with and against you we now finally enter into canal Calais unfortunately we got stuck on a bridge with failure or is it just a Sunday anyhow the trip continue after a lot of "thinking"

Preparations for the African journey
Friday 10 August 2018 - Torrevieja, Valencian Community, Spain

International driver's licenseVaccinesMalaria medicineMosquito repellent...​​​​​​

Randi Veines
Randisv in Southern Africa
Last active at - from Torrevieja, Valencian Community, Spain
Draught vs Drought
Tuesday 7 August 2018 -

above items does not match when you travel on a canalwe need to redirect our tour on another route as there is not enough water for Nakuak to continue to be continued !!!

Saturday 4 August 2018 -

Following the Somme river and canal gives a certain vacation feelingtoday we made it big and had crep for lunch in Amiens 

...og hjem igen
Sunday 5 August 2018 - Shanghai, China

Vi spiser morgenmad på hotellet i Shanghai  lidt vemodige, da det er sidste morgenmad på ferien. Efter tjekud tager vi metroen de 1,5 time ud til lufthavnen igen. Vi får tjekket vores bagage ind til Aalborg og kommer igennem diverse security og pas tjek. Det lykkedes at få tjekket passet fire

Maren, Jacob, Hjalte Og Merle
Familien_Hostrups_rejser in Kina 2018
Last active at - from Klokkerholm, Denmark

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